YH1116 - Smart Cities Developments - Tech and Security Future Developments

Time: 18:00 - 20:30   Region: Yorkshire and Humber
Venue: aql, 11-15 Hunslet Rd, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS10 1JQ

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This event will look into smart cities developments, and the way developments are could be changed to be smarter. For instance, using robots to do dangerous and unpleasant jobs instead of people. While that may sound sci-fi, £8.5m of taxpayers’ money is already focused on this kind of work.

This three presentation event will introduce ideas and pose the thought that different thinking could change the way we manage our cities, and how cybersecurity needs to play an important role in their development.

Your Presenter:

Brian Ablett

Brian is one of the very few Chartered Surveyors working on smart cities interests.  He was one of two founding members of the Leeds Council team and sought new ideas and ways for the Council to begin to develop smart cities thinking and actions. Early work included, with others, helping to get the Leeds Data Mill, the Open Data platform for the whole of the city of Leeds, to fruition and securing the first Open Data sets from the private sector. Brian continued to support the LDM but increasingly found new ways to include opportunities into the Built Environment.  The Council's new social housing will include electric vehicle charging points but later houses will also be close to Passivhaus standards.  New thinking came into commercial property opportunities. Brian is pursuing new thoughts and is engaged with the RICS, Building Research Establishment, Northumbria University and the government's BIM Task Force.

Stuart Hyde, aql Ambassador for Yorkshire Humberside CiSP: How much cybercrime is there?

Stuart is a retired and highly experienced Chief Police Officer (30 years police service) and now Director and consultant. He has a vast array of skills at executive level particularly within Law Enforcement and the public sector and has led many UK national
initiatives including the creation of CEOP and helping to drive ActionFraud. He is Vice President of the High Tech Crime Consortium, an online community of over 1400 cyber investigators and is a member of the Europol Internet Security Advisory Board. He was awarded the Queens Police Medal and an Honorary Doctorate in Technology for his engagement in Cybercrime reduction. He is now also the aql® Ambassador for the development of Cyber-security
Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) in Yorkshire Humberside CiSP.