SE1216B - Eco Efficiency Board Games

Time: 16:00 - 18:00   Region: South East
Venue: Woodland Cafe, Camley Street Natural Park, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4PW

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Factory Heroes is a collaborative game which is part of a wider eco-efficiency toolkit developed by Dr Mélanie Despeisse and EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability. As a package, the toolkit helps organisations raise awareness about sustainability and eco-efficiency by promoting good operational and management practices for resource efficiency in manufacturing.

The game simulates various situations with typical challenges faced by manufacturing companies, and this event is your opportunity to find out how it works and how you could use it in your own workplace.

Come along and you’ll get a first-hand opportunity to play the game which aims to help professionals:

  • Experience the challenges of working with cross-functional teams need for leadership skills, teamwork and strategic planning to respond to emerging issues, maximise on individual strengths, efficiently complete specific tasks (short-term) and achieve long-term goals.
  • Understand the value of cross-functional teams. A variety of skills are needed to ensure daily operations are running smoothly while identifying solutions for long-term performance improvement. 
  • Manage multiple issues in various areas. Analyse, prioritise and plan to adapt to rapid changes while keeping the team on track towards company goals.
  • Learn to see improvement opportunities: bad practices are often overlooked as long as operations are up and running. 
  • Ensure good employee engagement to maintain good practices. Create new routines and habits to avoid reversing back to pre-improvement performance levels.

Your Presenter

Dr Mélanie Despeisse, Research Associate, EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability. Find out more about Mélanie and her research at www.ifm.eng.cam.ac.uk/people/md621/.

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