NW0517 - Applying Science-Based Targets within Business To Deliver Tangible Benefits

Time: 16:15 - 18:00   Region: North West
Venue: Novotel City Centre Hotel, 40 Hanover St, Liverpool ONE, Liverpool, L1 4LN

The 2015 Paris Agreement has seen the world commit to limiting the global average temperature rise to a maximum of 2C. But can this target be met?

Engagement from business is critical if this ambitious goal to be achieved. How can companies convert this desire into drive? The setting of a ‘Science-Based Target’ for carbon reduction has rapidly become best practice for organisations wanting to play their part in fulfilling the Paris agreement and help turn rhetoric into real results. 

Guy Rickard, senior consultant with the Carbon Trust will detail the principles of applying science base targets and summarise the different methodologies that can be used to set them. Richard Smith, sustainability manager at the BBC, will explain how the British institution went through the rigorous but rewarding process.

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