WA0717 - Post-Brexit Policy: Core Principles for UK Environmental Policy After Brexit

Time: 16:30 - 18:00   Region: Wales
Venue: 33 Windsor Place, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 3BZ

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Join Martin Baxter, IEMA’s Chief Policy Advisor, to explore the very latest developments on Brexit and the current consensus on what will happen to environmental policy after the UK leaves the EU.  You’ll get the chance to participate in a dedicated workshop and to share your thoughts on the key principles that the UK will need to put in place after Brexit. For example, the role of the precautionary and proximity principles, and the new governance that will be required to enact them.

Join us to learn more about Brexit's impact on environmental legislation and policy in the UK, and take your chance to help shape IEMA’s policy position at this crucial time.

If you’re looking to influence the future of UK environmental policy, to progress your membership or boost your CPD, this workshop is ideal for you. Book now to secure your place.